What Matters Most . . . .

by D. Brent Sauser

fiscal cliffWith all the agitation going on in the world today we are reminded about what truly matters . . . our families and each other.  Everything else Children Photomight rise to the level of “important”, perhaps even “very important”, but in the eternal scheme of things doesn’t really matter.  The recent Boston Marathon bombing and heart-breaking tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School reinforces this fact.  Who, with school age children didn’t give each of them a longer, more meaningful hug that day, with expressions of sincere love.  Many of us wept openly over such a senseless loss of pure, innocent life.  People and families matter.  They matter a lot!

Family Photo DurfeyWe get distracted with news of falling off a “fiscal cliff”, the Mayan Apocalypse, or consequences from a federal sequester.  Yet, we have a good idea of the personal, internal satisfaction that comes when we take the time to focus on others.  Our hearts become a little softer and our attitude a little kinder in the selfless service to others.  We resolve to stand a little taller and lengthen out stride.  Our happiness grows.  This can be accomplished at a small, and large scale.We can do it

Among the many things I have challenged myself, I resolve to be a positive, dedicated advocate for accelerating Net Zero design principles
and will work to accomplish this goal.  I believe people and families deserve it.  Don’t you?  I guess that depends on what matters most.

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