NET ZERO CONSTRUCTION It’s Really Not That Complicated!

by D. Brent Sauser

NetZeroMax logo is dedicated to keeping the green building process simple and uncomplicated.  Those who follow a NetZeroMax approach may NOT receive a pretty plaque to hang Money clip art 4on their lobby wall.  Instead, a monthly power bill of  $00.00 (net) will be their indisputable proof that the decision to go Net Zero paid off.   No fancy plaque, just real money in your pocket to enhance your competitiveness.  No expensive fees to determine compliance.  No additional ‘hoops” to jump through.  No bureaucracy to contend with.   As an added bonus, any project that pursues a Net Zero energy approach will easily qualify for substantial LEED credits that would place the project at a Gold, or possibly a Platinum level of certification. However, the primary design objective must be in achieving Net Zero energy compliance before counting LEED credits.  Pursuing LEED certification first may place in jeopardy the potential for a 100% Net Zero project, due to budgetary constraints.  Net Zero costs should NOT be included in the exercise of determining how many
LEED credits the project can afford.   

clipart 11The priority is Net Zero FIRST, LEED certification (if desired) second.  With the growing demands for energy
usage, and the constant escalation in utility costs, attention must be focused on achieving energy independence first.  Net Zero should NOT be considered as one of many LEED credit options to achieve certification.  The technology for renewable energy resources is a growing industry that is more efficient, cost effective, and viable than ever before.  Design professionals need to be aware of the resources readily available to help achieve a Net USGBC Logo. jpg
Zero building and consider its implementation a requirement, not an option.  Making Net Zero solutions a “required” part of the project scope of work will ease the process of achieving LEED certification (if desired).  Remember, LEED Certification may be optional, but Net Zero energy efficient design is essential.  The NetZeroMax mission is to provide you with the information you need to make intelligent Net Zero decisions for your project.  Now, how complicated is that?

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Brent Sauser, President of dbs Archtects PLLC is owner and creator of  This website was created, among other reasons, to demonstrate the level of passion and commitment Brent Sauser and dbs Architects PLLC have to promote Net Zero design.  You can take comfort in knowing that Brent Sauser and dbs Architects PLLC will bring your project into the 21st Century.  Give us a call.  

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