Sauser Talks “Sustainability” at the 2009 and 2011 NPCA Conventions

by D. Brent Sauser

SUSTAINABIITY as it relates to LEED 2Several thousand precast concrete enthusiasts converged upon the Charlotte, NC
Convention Center over January 28th to the 30th, 2011 to see the latest technology innovations and participate in a wide range of topical seminars.  Brent Sauser was invited to SUSTAINABILITY 101-2take the lead with two seminars:  “Sustainability as it relates to LEED”, and “Sustainability 101”.  

Brent Sauser had the opportunity to conduct two classes previously for an PP LEED101 Presentation 010309  CoverNPCA Convention in 2009 in Houston, Texas, where the focus was on the
USGBC and LEED, what it was, and how it might impact the precast
concrete industry.  Two
years later the focusNPCA Implementing Sustainable Strategies expanded beyond the specifics of LEED to the more comprehensive subject of sustainable design. 

            The “Sustainability 101” class explained:

  • What is Sustainability?sustainable design caption 01
  • Why is Sustainable Design so important?
  • Is Sustainable Design a New Concept?
  • Is Sustainable Design fact or fad?
  • Organizations promoting Sustainable Design
  • Examples of Sustainable Design
  • Understanding what “Net Zero” means

The “Sustainability as it Relates to LEED” class explained:

  • What is Sustainability?Sustainable Design 5
  • What is Sustainability as it relates to LEED?
  • Percast concrete and “Green” construction
  • Role LEED plays in the “Green” movement
  • Introduction of the NPCA LEED Calculator

Both classes were well attended by individuals who already had some degree of experience with sustainable design.  Some individuals stayed for the second class even though they weren’t signed up.  The overall impression was that each class had something positive to offer.  Several participants shared ideas on how to improve their overall production processes.  Judging from the positive evaluations provided by the attendees, Brent Sauser is looking forward to present again at future NPCA Conventions. 

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