by D. Brent Sauser

Sustainable Design CaptionNo matter how you define it, architecture must be more than bricks and mortar, more than pure aesthetics, and much more than the “bottom line”.   Architecture for the 21st Century must have a sustainable focus and aggressive approach to achieving a Net Zero solution, environmentally balanced to benefit children, families, and the community.

dbs Architects PLLC offers over 30 years of experience that brings green building and sustainable designChildren Caption 01
into the 21st Century.  As principal of dbs Architects PLLC, Brent Sauser is a LEED (BD+C) accredited professional, and brings 34 years of experience to the company,
that includes U.S. Embassies in EasternFamily Caption 01 Europe; Churches in Bolivia, South America, and a wide variety of building design in every U.S. time zone.  He has a strong background in all climatic regions ranging from the Arizona desert, to the
Wasatch Mountains of Utah, to the Community Captiontemperate regions of  Southern California and the midwest, to the frigid winters of Minnesota, and to hot and humid Florida.

dbs Architects PLLC has the expertise Environment Captioned photo 01to integrate passive and active “green” design features in a balanced manner that optimizes sustainable materials and Net Zero systems with the careful and sensible use of solar panels, wind generators, and ground source heat pumps, etc.

Make  dbs Architests PLLC  your choice for your next project.  You can take comfort in knowing that your project will be designed for the demands and expectations of the 21st Century.  Give us a call!

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