Civil Support Team Ready Building (CST)

CST North ElevationPublic emergencies can happen anywhere, anytime, and in any form.  Local, State, and Federal agencies are trying to address the issue by constructing facilities that provide a “first response” to any potential public threat.  Whether it’s weapons of mass destruction, chemical, or biological attack, etc., these first responders utilize CST facilities to train and prepare for any possible situation.  Specialized vehicles Slide2are equipped for any contingency and are housed in the “Bay Areas”.   This space is climate (humidity) controlled to reduce maintenance and extend vehicle life.  A Command Center is included becoming a well-equipped central location with the capability of accessing all possible resources from any government agency.  Classrooms are provided for trainingCST Entry Wiew existing and future first responders.

Passive solar design features have been incorporated to capture illumination from the south, with overhangs to provide shade in the summer; angle windows on the east and west elevations to avoid direct heat gain (especially on the west side); south orientation on anCST SE View east/west axis to optimize energy efficiency; R48 insulation at the roof and R24 insulation in the walls; LED lighting throughout; Water Sense and Energy Star fixtures and appliances; high efficiency mechanical system; LEED Silver Certification; and AT/FP (anti-terrorism force protection) compliant.  Energy efficient but not energy independent , the south facing lower roof can be retrofitted with solar panels to achieve Net Zero in the future.


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