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Wild AndrewAs a grandparent I see children differently than when I was a father.  Their pure innocence, trust, and sincere expressions of love have deeplyChildren group
effected my life as an Architect.  Children have taught me that architecture is much more than bricks and mortar and the relentless pursuit of the “Bottom Line”.  After all, they are the future and the ones we will leave our global legacy to.  What will that legacy be?  Will it be a built Many Hands with Sapplingsenvironment that reflects a sensitive balance with nature . . . or one of stark, man-made contrast with
ever increasing power demands and greater air and water pollution?  dbs SONY DSCArchitects PLLC is dedicated to the sensitive integration of Net Zero architecture, where the welfare of our children takes precedence  over maximizing profits.

dbs Architects PLLC is dedicated to bringing Green Building and Sustainable Design into the 21st Century.  We are advocates for achieving Net Zero design for residential construction before 2020 and ALL construction by 2030.  Whether you need traditional design services, consulting, construction oversight, etc. . . . dbs Architects PLLC has the depth of experience to bring your “dream” to a reality, by integrating Net Zero systems and materials at the beginning of conceptual design.   We are living in a time of  transition from building with little regard for environmental compatibility, to an emerging, growing movement of Net Zero, environmentally sensitive designs and construction means and methods.  If you are considering building, please contact us at dbs Architects PLLC.  Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations.  Give us a call!