is dedicated to a “full circle” approach to Sustainable Design and Green Building.  We 
applaud and endorse the efforts of organizations like the US GreenNetZeroMax logo 4 Building Council (USGBC) for helping to move the entire building industry in the direction of greater environmental design sensitivity.  Many features of Sustainable Design are now mandated by building code or local, state, and federal legislation.   We have come a long way in a relatively short period of time, but we still have farther to go.

Balance ButterflyBrent Sauser is the owner and creator of, which has received over 2.5 million visits and over 15,000 subscribers since its inception in July 2012.  The focus of is to help raise the Green Building “bar” to the high level of Net Zero, where energy consumed is less than  energy produced on site.  NOT POSSIBLE . . . you might say!  Perhaps that might be true 10 years ago, but not today.  features many different projects that have risen to the level of Net Zero, and includes links to leading edge manufactures and product types that can help you make a quicker, more educated decision with your project .  Our
objective is to provide a variety of useful information on this website, and save you precious time in the process.

Saving Energy photoThe technology is here for achieving a Net Zero solution for your project.  It is our hope that the information provided will help us all take Green Building and Sustainable Design to the NetZeroMax.

dbs Architects PLLC is prepared to assist with your Net Zero solutions and answer your Net Zero questions.  Give us a call!